4 Replies to “Gmail Login in Account – Quick & Easy!”

  1. I have forgotten my password ~ And have a new mobile phone number since last logging in half a year ago. I thought I may be able to somehow sign in via Facebook using my present mobile number. When Google gives the option of having it sent to my mobile! I know not how to change this. Cheers

  2. 0459845931 is my mobile number with Facebook ~ Would love to change my password to the same as Facebook ~

  3. I too am having real problems with a forgotten password – tried everything on the help pages – they say my name is not recognised as having an account…..I have been using googlemail and gmail for years and am the only person in my house with an account……….really fed up now as I want to retrieve work stuff – no-one seems interested in helping the little people……just shows, we will all get reliant on this and then they will pull the plug and we’ll be stuffed

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