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Google Open! In this page, we will help you open your Google on your any system or devices you are using. Below you’ll find the details on how to do Google open? We have explained with description on how to as well as images to get your Google opened.

Google Open – Desktop Users for Window and Mac

  1. To open Google in your desktop computer – doesn’t matter which system its running Windows or Mac.
  2. Open any web-browsers you have installed in your system like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or even Google Chrome.
  3. Google Chrome is the web-browser by Google Company itself. When you open / run the Google Chrome application it is automatically connected with Google and it opens the Google when you open the application.
  4. To do Google open on any other web browsers – one must have to open the application like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and type in on the address bar and press enter or return.
    google open

Google Open – Android devices (Phone or Tabs)

  1. All the Android devices have preinstalled Google application.
  2. Tap on your menu and look for Google App Folder.
  3. Tap on the Google Chrome to open open

Google Open – IOS devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod)

            You can do two ways to do Google open on IOS devices. Via install Google app or via Safari web browser on your phone.

Install Google App

  • On IOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPods, Google app is not pre installed.
  • To install Google app on your IOS device you’ll first have to go to your App open
  • Now, tap on the Search Icon.
  • Type-in Google on the search bar and tap on Search below.img_2270 img_2271
  • Tap on GET to install the Google open
  • Once installed go back to your home screen and look for Google app icon and tap on it to open Google.

Google open via safari app on IOS devices.

  • Look for Safari icon on your device and tap on it to opengoogle open
  • Once open on the address bar type in to open open

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