How To Clear Google Search History?

How to clear Google search history? When you use Google Chrome in different devices by signing in to your one Google account, all the search and pages that you have opened will be stored as Google Search History. Therefore, before you can learn how to clear Google search history you’ll need to sign in to Chrome using your Google account.

how to clear google search history

To check whether you are signed in to Chrome, look at the Chrome tab bar right top corner. If you see your name there or your photo, you are signed in. If you are not signed in to Chrome, ‘Sign In’ will be displayed instead.

This article will cover the procedure on how to clear Google search history from the very beginning. Now, signing in google chrome means you’ll be using your Gmail ID account to sign in. if you are using Android smart device (mobile) even iPhone you can clear your Google search history from your computer as well.

How to clear Google search history?

  1. First, open your Google Chrome
  2. Then, enter your Google account username and password in the respective fields.
  3. Click on Sign in button to complete Chrome sign in.How To Clear Google Search HistoryHow To Clear Google Search History
  4. On the address type in ‘chrome://history’How To Clear Google Search History
  5. The “History” tab will show all the history from your signed-in devices.
    How To Clear Google Search History
  6. Expand the iPhone or your smart device and check the history. If you want to also clear it. check it before your clear browsing data. If you have any website you have not bookmarked it and its there in the history, make sure you open the website and bookmark it and come back again to clear your browsing data.
    How To Clear Google Search History
  7. First, select the time frame for which you want to clear Google search history.
  8. Then, check/uncheck the options that you want to clear from the Chrome history.
  9. Finally click the Clear browsing data button to complete how to clear Google search history procedure.


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