Gmail Spam Filter – Activate or Deactivate?

Spam is unwanted and irrelevant messages sent to your email account usually for the purpose of stealing your personal information. Gmail spam filter is a built in feature in your Gmail where you can take action against these emails from ever bothering you again. Gmail-spam filter automatically takes action you’ve assigned against these messages. Gmail spam filter is a very useful tool to save you from suspicious and unrelated emails. So, basically, Gmail spam filter act as a filtering tool that can save you a lot of time in the future.

How to activate/deactivate Gmail spam filter:

Step 1: Login to your personal Gmail account from or spam filter

Step 2: After you’ve been directed to your inbox page:

  • Put a tick on the box on the left side of the email you want to filter for Gmail spam filter.
  • Spam messages also come up in ‘Spam’ section at the left side of your page.
  1. Hover your cursor over the section below ‘COMPOSE’
  2. Click on ‘More’.
  • Click on ‘Spam’ to access your Gmail spam section.

Step 3: Click on ‘More’ at the top of your page.

  • Click on ‘Filter messages like these’ in the so appeared extension box to activate Gmail spam filter and not receive emails from that person in the future.
    Gmail Spam Filter
  • Into the extension box, click on ‘Create filter with this search’.
  • In the next page, you will be able to assign what you want your Gmail spam filter to do to messages sent from the spammer.
  1. Put a tick on an action you want your Gmail spam filter to perform.
  2. Click on ‘Create filter’ to let Gmail know what to do when you receive messages from that address.Gmail Spam Filter

Step 4: If you need to edit or delete the filter you’ve created:

  • Click on the settings button marked by a wheel at the top right corner below your profile picture.
  • Click on ‘Settings’ to access your Gmail account settings.
    Gmail Spam Filter
  • Click on ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’.
    Gmail Spam Filter
  • You will be able to view your filters in this section. Click on ‘edit’ if you want to make changes in your filter against the mentioned address.
  • Click on ‘delete’ to remove filter from your spam filter. This action will allow the messages sent from the blocked address to appear in your inbox.