Open Google – Right NOW!

Open Google – Right NOW! Here we have for you on how one can open Google on its any devices. Devices like computer, smart phones and also Tabs. Below we have for you on how you can open Google on every device.

Open Google – In Computer (MAC or PC)

Open Google – Android Smart Phones or Tabs

  • All the android phone or tabs already have Google applications like Google Chrome, Google Hangouts, Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Play Music, Voice Search, Play Books, Google Drive and many google
  • To get Google, you can tap on Google Chrome icon, just like that you’ll have your Google open for google

Open Google – iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad Pro or any smart devices with iOS platform.

  • Tap on the app called ‘Safari’open google
  • On the top the search bar, where you will see ‘Search or enter website name’ you’ll have to type-in the address and tap on ‘Go’ or just tap on the ‘Top Hits’open google
  • Next thing that load would be the main page of google

How to install Google app in an iOS platform devices?

  • Else you can also download an app to open Google directly. For that you’ll have to go to App google
  • Down on the search glass icon tap on google
  • Type in Google chrome and tap on ‘Search’open google
  • Tap on ‘Get’ to install the Google google
  • Once installed tap to open the Google Chrome from your home google
  • This is how you use Google directly on any of the iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro.
  • In the middle of Google Chrome app that you have just opened. You’ll see ‘Search or type URL’. Now you can type in anything you want to search. ENJOYopen google

Google Plus Sign In | Google+ Sign In

Google plus sign in takes you to your Google social networking site. Google plus is a free feature you get with every Google account, whether you may want to use it or not. Nonetheless, you’ll need to upload images and enter your basic info in order to make the profile recognizable by your friends and family.

Google plus sign in is an easy procedure. It is just like signing in to any of its sister sites, such as Gmail, YouTube, or so forth.Google Plus Sign in

To perform Google plus sign in from PC or Mac:

  1. Open an Internet browser, such as Google Chrome, and enter in the address bar. will take you to the same page.Google Plus Sign in
  2. The URL should take you to the Google plus sign in page, unless someone is already signed in. In the latter case you’ll need to perform sign out, or use a different web browser and start the procedure again.
    Also, if you have signed in to any other Google sister sites in the same browser using your Google account, you’ll be signed in to Google plus automatically. In some case, you may need to enter you Google password.
  3. Then, in the Google plus sign in page, enter your Google account username and click on Next.Google Plus Sign in
  4. After that, type in the password for your Google account and click on the Sign inGoogle Plus Sign in

To perform Google plus sign in from mobile devices (Android and iOS devices)
Google Plus Sign in

  1. Tap on the Google plus app to open it.
    Get it from the App Store for iOS device, and from the Google Play Store for Android device.
  2. For Android you’ll be automatically signed in to Google plus from the Google account. If you haven’t used any Google account in your device, follow the rest of the procedure. Apple users are also required to do the same.
  3. Enter your Google account username and tap
  4. Then, enter you Google account password, and tap
  5. Tap on Accept to complete sign in.