Change My Gmail Password In Easy Steps

There are about a million Google account that currently exist in our time. Each one is important to the respective users for social activity such as sending/receiving mail. Each one of these accounts are protected with a password created by the user. However, sometimes passwords are not enough to protect your Gmail account. That’s why change my Gmail password is a necessary procedure that is recommended once every month.

Cyber security is becoming a major concern in present context. Email accounts have risk of being hacked and the information saved in it get stolen which is commonly known as data piracy. To prevent this from happening, change my Gmail password is recommended. We will guide you step by step to change your Gmail account password.

How to change my Gmail password:

  1. Open any web browser, or a new browser tab in this browser.
  2. Enter the web-address or in the address bar and press enter key.
  3.  After the login page has been loaded, enter your username (your Gmail email) and click Next butotn.Change my gmail password
  4. Next enter your password and click on Sign in button.Change my gmail password
  5.  Once you’ve successfully signed in, click on the profile picture you’ll find at the top right corner of your account.
  6. Click on My Account and you will be directed to your account settings page.Change my gmail password
  7.  Inside the Sign-in & security section, you will find Signing in to Google. Click on it.Change my gmail password
  8.  If prompted, enter your Gmail password to confirm you are the owner of the account.
  9. Click on Password at the right side of the page you’ve been directed to.Change my gmail password
  10. Now, enter a new password into the two designated spaces and click on Change Password.Change my gmail password
    • Make sure you choose a strong password for your account. A strong password fulfills following criteria:
      • length of more than 8 characters.
      • at least one uppercase letter.
      • at least one symbol and/or number.
  11.  Congratulations! You have successfully performed change my Gmail password following these few steps.

Make sure you perform change my Gmail password frequently in order to ensure better security of your Gmail account. Also, try not to forget your password as frequently changing passwords can be confusing sometimes.

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  1. I changed my email password on gmail the other day at home. I tried to change it in Outlook here at my office and it won’t let me “repair” it. It tells me something went wrong. Try again, etc. I have tried about 10 times now. I am positive I am trying to change it to the correct password. Just can’t figure out why Outlook won’t let me change it.

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