Forgot Gmail Password – Here’s your Help!

You might be using multiple accounts in several webmail services and it might be difficult to remember all your passwords. If you forgot Gmail password, you can recover it easily in case if you’ve filled up additional information like your alternate email address or your phone number while signing up for your respective Gmail account. If not, it might be quite difficult to recover your password. We will guide you to reset your forgot Gmail password in case you’ve filled up your alternate email address or phone number while creating Gmail account.

Forgot Gmail Password – Help! Step-by-step

  1. Open the Gmail sign in page.
  2. Click the “Need help?” link. This takes you Google Account Recovery page.
    forgot gmail password
  3. Click on the “I don’t know my password”.
  4. Then, you’ll be asked to type in your Gmail ID you use to access Google services which means the account of which you’ve forgotten the password. Just type in the respective email address in the provided space.
  5. Click on the blue “Continue” button below.
    forgot gmail password
  6. In the next page, you’ll be asked to enter the last password you remember. If you don’t remember, clack “I don’t know”.
    forgot gmail password
  7. If you’ve added your phone number while signing up, Google will send notification regarding for permission to account recovery to your device to make sure it’s you trying to reset your forgot Gmail password. For this, click on the blue “Continue” button.
    forgot gmail password
  8. Accept the request on your phone for password-reset password that will direct you to a password reset page on your computer.
  9. Then, you can choose between two options to receive a verification code on your phone either via a text message or an automated phone call. Select whichever you prefer. However, a text message is recommended.
    forgot gmail password
  10. You’ll receive a verification code in your device, which you’ll need to enter in the input field given.
  11. Click the “Continue” button after you’ve entered the code.
  12. Then, enter the new password that’s strong and easy to remember for your Gmail account.
  13. Enter the password again to confirm.
  14. Finally, click the blue “Change password” button to recover your forgot Gmail password.
  15. If you have not added your phone number when you sign up for the account your want to recover your password. Google ask you to enter your alternative email address which you had entered. In which, you’ll get a link to reset your password.
    forgot gmail password

How to change Gmail Password?

How to change Gmail password? In this page you’ll know how you can change your Gmail password. We have step-by-step process explaining on how to change Gmail password. In this page we have instructions with images as well. Hope this helps. When you choose a new password make sure you have Capital letters with numbers and symbols. Random letter are best password which doesn’t make a word or even a name.

How to change Gmail password?

  1. Login to your Gmail account. How to do Gmail Login?
  2. When you see you mailbox after doing your Gmail login. Click on top right hand corner of the page where you’ll see your image or your name initial.
    how to change gmail password
  3. A pop-up will show, in which you’ll have to click on ‘My Account’
    how to change gmail password
  4. New- tab window will open on the same web-browser, please check. Go to the new tab and look for the first row where it say’s ‘Sign-in & security’ and click on it.
    how to change gmail password
  5. Now, scroll down look for row with title ‘Password & sign-in method’ under this click on the ‘Password’.
    how to change gmail password
  6. When you click on password you’ll be again asked to login with your old password. Enter your old password again.
    how to change gmail password
  7. On the page, which loads will allow you to enter your ‘New Password’ and re-type on ‘Confirm new password’, if you are confused on what password you have entered you can check by clicking on the eye Once you are done with typing your new password click on Change Password below. You can also check image for reference.
    how to change gmail passwordhow to change gmail password
  8. Now, logout from your Gmail Account and re-sign-in to your Gmail with your new password.
  9. We advice you to change your password every month if that is not possible. Make sure you secure your password when you are using public computer or devices.
  10. Check your mailbox, you will also receive an email regarding that you have changed your Gmail password.

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