Quick & Simple – Gmail Change Password

Gmail change password is very important for your personal privacy and your personal security. But when you want to change your password just because you want to and not able to find where to and how you can. This page comes in handy. Please follow the procedure below to conduct your Gmail Change Password.

How to perform Gmail change password:

You can change your Gmail change password via Gmail.com or accounts.google.com.

If you enter from Gmail you’ll have to go through two more steps but from accounts.google.com you can do this directly. It’s like going to lawn from your kitchen directly or from your room via-via.

Via Gmail.com & via accounts.google.com

If you going to make Gmail Password Change through Gmail you’ll have to follow the steps from Step 1. But if you want Gmail Change Password via accounts.google.com you’ll have to perform login first and you can directly proceed to step 5.

  1. Simply open a browser and login to your Gmail Account with your Gmail email address and your current Password.
    gmail change password
  2. Now go to, the top right corner where 9 small square dots and circle with a bell, just beside that look for Google profile image. (Image can be your photo or empty)
  3. Now click on that image and small box pops up with your image, your name, along with your email address.
  4. Just below that “My Account”, click on my account link and proceed to another page were account settings preference is.
    gmail change password
  5. After the page is loaded, three columns with “Sign-in & Security”, Personal info & Privacy” and Account preference.”
  6. Out of these 3 columns, go to first one. By clicking on the “Sign-in & security   > ” which will forward to another page which looks like image below:

    gmail change password

  7. Please scroll down a little, beside the “Signing in to Google” sub-heading you’ll see on your right side “Password & sign-in method.”
  8. In side the “Password & Sign-in method” box you’ll see “Password with the description when was the last time you changed your password and the date. Please click on that.
    gmail change password
  9. Now, you’ll be forwarded to re-enter your password again just for security. This is to protect your account that someone else is not changing your password. Re-enter your current password and click on “Sign in” again.
    gmail change password
  10. The next page which loads is where you’ll be able to see Google / Gmail Change Password.

    gmail change password

  11. Type in new password and re-enter new password, just entered on the above, after that click “CHANGE PASSWORD”. If not sure on what you have entered, click on the eye button.

    gmail change password

  12. After clicking on Change Password small Yellowish Box appears showing, “Your password was changed”, and automatically you’ll be sent back to your account page.
    Gmail Change Password
  13. GREAT!! Congratulation you just managed to do Google / Gmail Change Password.
  14. You can also see the video on how to change Gmail Change Password.